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Since 1 July 2018, Veiling Rhein-Maas collects a levy for generic promotion from the auction customers which is passed on to the two above mentioned initiatives. Below, you can find all relevant information about the possibilities that ‘Flower Council of Holland’ and ‘Blumen - 1000 gute Gründe’ offer to the customers of the auction as well as the next upcoming events, presentations and campaigns. 

Flower Council of Holland
The ‘Flower Council of Holland’ takes care of the consumer-oriented promotion of flowers and plants in various European countries. Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk and thejoyofplants.co.uk are showing the customer that flowers make us happy and that everything is a little bit less stressed and more comfortable in the company of plants. You can also find both brands on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest und Instagram.
In addition, the ‘Flower Council of Holland’ regularly launches campaigns such as ‘Houseplant of the Month’, ‘Garden Plant of the Month’ and the ‘Flower Agenda’, where different flowers and plants are placed in the spotlight every month. The ‘Flower Council of Holland’ also provides you with photographic material (image bank), texts, posters and graphics free of charge. Use these promotional materials to boost your sales! The initiative has also issued a calendar for 2019 which includes all the important days in the flower industry from several European countries.

Blumen - 1000 gute Gründe
When German film stars sit on a floral sofa on the occasion of the German Film Prize, festival visitors queue for floral wreaths, or when Gardener Tristan inspires his followers on YouTube, it is always the work of ‘Blumen - 1000 gute Gründe’. The Landgard initiative shows with fresh ideas and creative activities in the streets, at events and on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube how great flowers and plants are. You just need to share the creative content with your customers! The initiative also provides you with lots of inspiration how to highlight flowers and plants at your point of sale using modern sales concepts.
In order to represent the interests of the auction’s customers, Andreas Große-Kock, member of the customer representation at Veiling Rhein-Maas, will obtain a seat in the advertising council of ‘Blumen - 1000 gute Gründe’.“I am looking forward to the ideas, wishes and feedback of the customers at Veiling Rhein-Maas,” says Andreas Große-Kock. You can speak to Andreas Große-Kock directly at the auction or you can send him an email to: werbebeirat@spam-protectveilingrheinmaas.de