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In June in the spotlight: Calla lily and lily

21 May 2020

Place the flowers and plants of the month of June in the spotlight and inspire your customers. On the website of the Flower Council of Holland you will find promotional material and other information about future activities and campaigns.

Houseplant of the month
In June the `Houseplant of the month´ is the Calla lily which is officially called the Zantedeschia. It is characterised by the pitcher-shaped bract (spathe). The actual flowers, on the spike, are tiny and less eye-catching. The Calla lily grows in periodically saturated swampy spots, which only exist for relatively short periods. The plant can easily survive subsequent long periods of drought. 

Flower Agenda
The `Flower Agenda´ focusses on the lily in June. A remarkable flower: You could use them to treat snakebites, to get rid of wrinkles or to eat them. In Europe, the lily is native to the Caucasus, the Balkans, Greece, Poland, the Alps and Pyrenees. Lilies can be propagated quickly, and growers and breeders are certainly not sitting still. Crossbreeding is producing ever more unusual shapes and colours.

FloriWorld opens with online event
FloriWorld, the newest attraction dedicated to flowers and plants in the Netherlands, is first and foremost a fun and educational voyage of discovery for tourists. Under the banner, `Experience the magic of real and virtual flowers´, this new attraction will let you experience what flowers and plants do for you. It will also act as the new head office of the Flower Council of Holland in the near future. The virtual opening has taken place on 21 May 2020. As soon as the circumstances of the Corona crisis allow, visitors are welcome again at the location in Aalsmeer.

Bee Plant Content
In many European countries there is great interest in the topic `bees´, with special attention to bee-friendly plants. In the Netherlands, for example, the campaign `Bijen in je tuin!´ was launched to improve the living environment of these insects. The initiative `Bienen füttern!´ was already launched in Germany in 2014. In the coming weeks, the Flower Council of Holland will publish articles on bee-friendly plants.

Source: funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk/thejoyofplants.co.uk