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Assortment and Import Management

Consequences of the decree from 17 March 2020

18 March 2020

According to the decrees from 15 and 17 March 2020, retail shops in North Rhine-Westphalia have to be closed. This also applies to florist shops. Handcraft, services and deliveries are still possible, depending on the purpose of the respective business. Nonetheless, Veiling Rhein-Maas will continue to offer the flowers and plants of its suppliers on all auction clocks as well as via Clock Service and the Webshop. In line with the latest developments, an increasing number of customers is taking part in the auction via Remote Buying.

Situation in Germany
Veiling Rhein-Maas recommends that all customers of the marketplace check individually which services they are allowed to continue within the framework of the decrees from 15 and 17 March 2020. Allowed services may include grave and cemetery maintenance, handcraft activities as well as other services. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to make a binding, generally valid statement at this point as the situation may differ from case to case.

Situation in the Netherlands
In the Netherlands, florist shops, garden centers, weekly markets and wholesalers will continue to be open to the extent possible and will be allowed to sell flowers and plants until further notice.

Important supply information
In the current uncertain market and sales situation, Veiling Rhein-Maas once again asks all suppliers to temporarily reduce their supply amounts which are destined for the auction clock. As announced earlier, it will not be possible to supply cut flowers and potted plants in A2 and B quality to Veiling Rhein-Maas for now. If you have any questions regarding your current supply to the auction, please contact the Assortment and Import Management.
In regard to the situation described above, Veiling Rhein-Maas will give priority to sample and large lots at this stage whilst single lots will be auctioned afterwards. We therefore recommend to supply primarily sample and large lots for the time being. Of course, you still have the option to offer CC containers with fewer layers as single lots.

Thank you for your understanding
Please note that currently distribution and delivery may take longer than usual. However, we are taking every effort to distribute and deliver your products as quickly as possible. Also referring to this, we have taken the above described measures to auction as full as possible load carriers and to auction them first.
Like all of us, we are dealing with an exceptional situation and are doing everything that is possible to us. For instance, we are using employees from other departments of Veiling Rhein-Maas in order to distribute and deliver as fast as currently possible.

Please keep your distance
Additionally, we need you to keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters (about two arm lengths) from each other on the entire site in Straelen-Herongen. Also keep distance to our employees when supplying or purchasing your products.

Use Remote Buying and the Webshop
We strongly advise our customers to purchase their products via Remote Buying as available. Furthermore, you have the possibility to use our Webshop.

Latest news
We will inform you on our website about the latest developments and measures concerning the Coronavirus. We thank you in advance for your understanding for the described measures and all measures that might follow.