As a supplier, you can offer your products to the auction customers on five auction days a week - Monday to Friday. Below we have summarised all the important information about your delivery to Veiling Rhein-Maas.

Delivery documents
In order to market your products at Veiling Rhein-Maas, you must send a fully completed electronic delivery note (EAB). In addition, attach a completed delivery note in paper form and double version to each stacking trolley (under the letter clamp) or CC container (in the delivery note cover). You can also use guide labels for follow-on trolleys. Please use the delivery note from Veiling Rhein-Maas or Royal FloraHolland and make sure that the correct information regarding auction group, inspection codes and packaging code is stated on the delivery note. Veiling Rhein-Maas follows the VBN product specifications. With the help of the added value codes you can also note special characteristics of your products on the delivery note. In this way you can draw the attention of the auction customers to the properties of your product!

Delivery notifications
Are you a supplier of potted plants? Then the annual notification of delivery of your planned quantities of goods for the following year and also the timely submission of a weekly notification is required. You hereby register your products with the number of load carriers for the relevant auction days of the following week, stating your delivery number and your name. We would like to point out to you that products which have not been reported cannot be auctioned. Please enter your weekly report online on our website.

Delivery times
We point out to you that your delivered goods must be set up within the delivery time on the pre-designated areas in the delivery areas of Veiling Rhein-Maas. Only in this way can your goods be processed in the further logistical process of the auction. Here you will find our delivery and opening times.

Delivery for Clock Service
Adapted delivery regulations apply here. Also note the method of clearing Clock Service transactions.

Representative product photos
The inclusion of a high-quality product photo promotes the sale of your products. As a supplier, use modern software providers to easily upload your product photos. Further helpful tips on how to positively influence the purchase decision of auction customers can be found in the manual for representative product photos. You can also use the image database of our parent organisation Royal FloraHolland. We have prepared a detailed description of how to use the image database for you.

Foyer as shop window
Present your products in our foyer to convince the customers of our marketplace of your company! In addition, you also have the opportunity to promote your products at events such as "Rhein-Maas Next". Our Assortment and Import Management will be happy to advise you!