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General situation at the marketplace

24 June 2020

With this text, we want to inform you about the latest developments concerning supply and demand at the market place in Straelen-Herongen. Please keep on reading for the most important facts and figures about the auction clock and imported cut flowers as well as other useful information.

Customers demand at the auction clock still strong
Potted plants have achieved very good sales results during the last weeks as strong customer demand ensured a satisfying price level, especially for all outdoor products. In contrast, both volume and turnover of cut flowers were slightly below the previous year's results. The physical auction clock, including Remote Buying and Clock pre sales, remains the commercial heart of Veiling Rhein-Maas. Therefore, Veiling Rhein-Maas is currently investing into a new auction clock front. Click here for more information.

Due to the successful development of the available range of cut flowers, potted plants and arrangements, demand and participation at the Veiling Rhein-Maas Webshop are further increasing. At present, around 470 customers and suppliers are registered for the Webshop. In order to register for the Veiling Rhein-Maas Webshop, please get in touch with the employees of Clock Service.

Import of cut flowers
In the last edition of this newsletter, we have informed you about the negative effects of the Coronavirus on the whole cut flower industry. Two months further, we are happy to announce that there has been a trend reversal despite the total turnover of imported cut flowers is still 2% lower compared to last year. Fortunately, cumulated prices at the auction are € 0,02 higher than last year with an especially good period from calendar week 17 to 24 in terms of achieved prices. The total volume of imported cut flowers is still lower compared to the previous year.

Due to a lack of air freight capacity, the supply from Kenya was low from the end of April through May. However, the onset of the cold season in June has resulted in reduced production which means that the available freight capacity is currently in line with demand. There have been no problems with air freight capacity in Ethiopia.

The initial shock caused by the Coronavirus made some growers cancel their young plant orders, what will have an effect on the supply of some products like Chrysanthemum.

In Europe, the holiday season has begun and the demand for cut flowers is usually weak in this period. Nevertheless, this year might be different as many Europeans are staying home due to the Coronavirus which could cause an increased demand instead.

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