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Modernisation of the auction clock front: start last conversion phase

13 August 2020

The auction clocks 3 and 4 were updated with the new LED technology. These two auction clocks have been running productively again since Wednesday, 12 August 2020, after intensive function tests. Thus all four cut flower auction clocks have been equipped with the new technology. From Monday, 17 August 2020, the walls of the last two "old" auction clocks 5 and 6 will be dismantled and replaced by the new technology. A new information board will also be installed. Until the completion of the reconstruction, the auction will be held on the six modernized clocks.

Heart of the auction
"The physical clock remains the heart of the auction. The investment in the new LED technology is based on the conviction that our auction clocks will continue to run for years to come. It is very important for our customers to see and feel the products that they are looking for. We expect that customers will be purchasing via our digital channels on two to three days, with the rest of the days spent purchasing on site in Straelen-Herongen. The system of the auction process has not been changed, only the visual display of the auction clocks on the LED walls has been slightly adapted", explain G√ľnther Esser and Cees Hoekstra, Managing Directors of Veiling Rhein-Maas.